JRM Warranty Info

The JRM Warranty

JRM products are made of the very finest materials available and are warranted against any defect in manufacturing or materials. JRM DILLENNIUM top eject coring tines used on conventional aerification machines on golf course greens have a “use warranty” of a minimum of 18 greens or 130,000 Sq. Ft., whichever comes first. This revolutionary “use warranty” is only applicable for use on golf course greens (tees and fairways are not included). The JRM warranty does not protect against “chipping” or breakage. This “use warranty” does not extend to any “side-eject” tine due to the weaker wall structure, the DILLENNIUM “Quad” or “SuperQuad” tines due to their significantly thinner wall construction, or any Deep Tine. The JRM “use warranty” only covers conventional top-eject coring tines used on golf course greens (tees and fairways are specifically excluded).

JRM, Inc. assumes all warranty responsibility for shipments to locations within the United States. The authorized JRM dealer who makes the sale assumes the warranty responsibility for products sold outside of the United States.

International Warranty Concerns

All International Warranty concerns are handled by the local Authorized JRM Distributor. Please contact the local JRM Dealer who delivered your JRM Tines.