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Timing Problems



A machine utilizing piston-type action and hollow coring tines is the most effective type of aerification

Timing Problems

If an aerification machine is “out of timing” it will greatly reduce the use-life of your tines. A clear and inescapable indicator of both good and bad timing is the wear pattern on a used set of tines. Indeed, the age of a machine is no guarantee against timing problems since new machines are often delivered “out of timing”. A well set up machine, in good timing, will produce a wear pattern that is even all the way around the bottom of the tine. This is absolute and inescapable objective evidence that is true of all aerification machines and all tines. It is not required that a machine be in “perfect” timing for it to provide good and acceptable service. However, a machine that is badly out of timing will wear out any tine significantly faster and increase the total cost of aerification. With the advent of the JRM DILLENNIUM™ tines, this “wear pattern” has become much more evident since the tines will last significantly longer. Problems with machine “timing” have not been noticed previously since the available tines were so soft that they would wear away at such an extremely fast rate.