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About JRM. Inc.

JRM, Inc. founder, Jim Merritt, with his former wolf/dog Tonya.

about us

We are constantly evolving at JRM, Inc. In the fall of 2013, JRM took over sales and distribution in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee by hiring several outside salesmen dedicated to this area. At this time, we added several new product lines including nutrients, fertilizers, paints, irrigation products, wetting agents and surfactants, etc. This new journey has been very successful, and we will continue to focus on this area, while continuing to provide excellent customer support for our distributors, salesmen and customers around the world.

In 2015, we are making a few of our regional products available world-wide, including Underhill watering products, Oregon outdoor equipment parts, JRM-branded specialty products and Reel Sharp lapping compound. You can see what we have to offer in our 2015 JRM Catalog. If you have any questions, or you would like a catalog, please contact the JRM Customer Service Department by phone: 888-576-7007 or email:

Landscapers and Service Contractors

JRM’s field of expertise is not solely contained to the golf course. Our products serve as a valuable tool for landscapers, contractors, sports fields, horse tracks, etc. We supply the Aerivator tine (2A625101) and Closed Spoon tines (1N750102, 1N100103), which are popular tools in the landscaping and sports field industry. For service contractors, we offer a full line of solid and coring tines for Wiedenmann, VERTI-DRAIN, and Soil Reliever. Our deep tine is also suited for sports fields and horse tracks.


Founded in 1992 by James R. Merritt, JRM, Inc. has blossomed into a one-stop shop manufacturer of Turfgrass Maintenance Products. JRM revolutionized the turf industry by unveiling the DILLENNIUM tip in 1997, and the company continues to push the bar of quality in everything it manufactures. Check out JRM’s DURANIUM-801 bedknives on the products page. The quality of JRM’s knives is second to no one in the industry.


Jim Merritt enjoys developing new tines and bedknives to better serve the turf industry, and he also has a passion for breeding wolves. Here is a picture of Jim with his blended genetic Wolf/Dog cross. Navar is 1/4 German Shepherd, 1/4 Rottweiler and 1/2 Wolf. The wolf part of him is 1/2 Arctic and 1/2 Lycaon (also known as Eastern Timber Wolf). To learn more about Jim and his wolves, view his website The Bastarosa Farm (