To All: We are in the process of updating the pricing on our website, for current 2021 pricing please scroll to bottom of page and download our 2021 JRM catalog.

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Download or view our 2020 Catalog, please scroll to the bottom of any page and click on the catalog.   If you are in North/South Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia please contact your JRM Representative for Early Bird Special details.

NC-Ted Pegram 336-345-3570

NC-Mark Benton 252-670-1511

NC-Jimmy Abernathy 828-448-0143

NC-Anthony Durham 336-830-5207

SC-Bobby Wall 803-466-5228

VA-David L'Italien 910-215-7168

Helping You Make Turf Great Again!


VERY IMPORTANT: To ensure the correct reel is ordered, PLEASE make sure you verify the customer’s OEM number before placing an order. The updated OEM numbers and machines are listed on the attached flyer.


A little History of the family company; JRM, Inc.

Founded in 1992 by James R. Merritt, JRM, Inc. has blossomed into a one-stop shop manufacturer of Turfgrass Maintenance Products. JRM revolutionized the turf industry by unveiling the DILLENNIUM tip in 1997, and the company continues to push the bar of quality in everything it manufactures. Check out JRM's DURANIUM-801 bedknives on the products page. The quality of JRM's knives is second to no one in the industry.

Here is a picture of Jim Merritt with his former wolf/dog Tonya.

JIMs Pix0001

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