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There are two issues relating to the use and storage of aerification tines that have surfaced due to the unique life expectancy of JRM tines. It is important that you read and understand both of these issues if you want to get the very most from your JRM tines. If you have any questions contact our Customer Service Department.

Our Technical Reference Library

As a service for our customers we are happy to provide our Technical Reference Library as a free source of very valuable information. These papers are from many of the foremost leaders in our industry. They should not be construed in any way as an endorsement of JRM or any of our products. They are intended as an educational benefit to support you, our customer. JRM cannot be held responsible for the use or misuse of any of the information and suggestions in these papers. We wish to offer our sincere appreciation and thanks to the many authorities who have contributed to our Technical Reference Library.

Aerification: An Indispensable Tool

Aerification techniques and advice from the Superintendant of the Northwood Club.

By: wildfire


Cultivation – Why Bother?

Developing a good cultivation program requires regular reassessment of how it is working and making appropriate adjustments.

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Tutorial Videos