Welcome to 2017 everyone, we just wanted to thank all of our customers for a great 2016.  We hope that 2017 will be even better!!  Our new 2017 Catalogs are now ready.  We sent them out to just about all of our customers so if for some reason you have yet to receive one, please contact your local JRM Authorized retailer or you can contact us direct.



We Have The Edge....

Infinity Tines

 We are constantly improving our INFINITY line of tines until we can truly develop the perfect tine.  In 2016, we experimented with DILLENNIUM-tipped solid tines. We experienced issues with the tines pulling up the turf and showing extensive wear directly under the tip. In 2017, we came up with a new process to eliminate these issues. Gone is the rough, hardened coating on the outside, and we will no longer have DILLENNIUM-tipped solid tines. We came up with a new process to harden the steel without the coating. In testing, the new INFINITY tines do not disrupt the surface of the green and last much longer than its Premium/DILLENNIUM equivalent. If you are interested in purchasing these tines or would like to try a sample, please contact our Customer Service Department at 888-576-7007 or by e-mail at sales@jrmonline.com



  Dillennium Solid Ad 12-28-15

New Longer Solid and Coring Tines

JRM has acknowledged the fact that the turfgrass maintenance industry is gravitating toward longer aerification tines.  The top conventional aeration machines - Toro ProCore 648 and the John Deere 1000, 1500, and 2000 - offer ample clearance for tines as long as 7 inches.  In response to this trend, JRM adding 16 solid and Quad tines - 6 inches or longer - to give our working customers more options.  Check out page 4 in our Catalog for more information on these tines.The six solid tines are available now, and the Quad tines will start becoming available towards the end of May 2017.   

A little History of the family company; JRM, Inc.

Founded in 1992 by James R. Merritt, JRM, Inc. has blossomed into a one-stop shop manufacturer of Turfgrass Maintenance Products. JRM revolutionized the turf industry by unveiling the DILLENNIUM tip in 1997, and the company continues to push the bar of quality in everything it manufactures. Check out JRM's DURANIUM-801 bedknives on the products page. The quality of JRM's knives is second to no one in the industry.

Here is a picture of Jim Merritt with his former wolf/dog Tonya.

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