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  After a very successful series of tests, we are making 2 solid DILLENNIUM INFINITY tines available for sale. These will be ready to ship out the door by Monday, August 10.   During testing, these tines have lasted as many as 54 holes before they started showing any wear. A consistent coring depth is a huge benefit, and these tines are the perfect solution.   Tines available: 2T250587 (3/8” mount X ¼” O.D. X 6.125” length) Equivalent to premium part 2T250107. 2T125584 (3/8” mount X 1/8” O.D. X 6” length) Equivalent to premium part 2T125104.     We will expand this line to our other families of tines in the coming months.  

2T125584 Cropped

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Founded in 1992 by James R. Merritt, JRM, Inc. has blossomed into a one-stop shop manufacturer of Turfgrass Maintenance Products. JRM revolutionized the turf industry by unveiling the DILLENNIUM tip in 1997, and the company continues to push the bar of quality in everything it manufactures. Check out JRM's DURANIUM-801 bedknives on the products page. The quality of JRM's knives is second to no one in the industry.

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