Care and Storage of DILLENNIUM™ Tines

Technical Info

Due to the longevity of JRM DILLENNIUM™ tines we are faced with a brand new issue in the golf course industry: how to care for used aerification tines that still have significant use-life left? We suggest the following procedure to get the most value from your JRM DILLENNIUM™ tine(s).

  1. Clean all dirt and grass from the tube. This may be done by hosing down the tine. Soap may be used if needed. Thoroughly dry all tines.
  2. Spray a silicone aerosol spray lubricant on the tines.
  3. Label and store in a dry location.

Do NOT use any petroleum-based products, penetrating oils, or aerosol lubricating oils such as WD-40®. These products will cause the bonding material used to attach the tip to weaken and it will also cause the tips to become brittle and therefore wear much faster the next time they are used.